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  • Attention Everyone!!
    We just got a call from the Dave & Linda of the Veterans Honor Society, and they informed us that the VFW Veterans Retirement Home has Cancelled the Ft McCoy Pow Wow. They had an event last weekend that did not do very well financially, and their Board had a meeting today and decided to Not have this event at this time. Ken immediately called the Veterans home and spoke to the coordinator there, who verified that the event was Cancelled. Every effort was made by Ken to keep the event on, but they had made up their minds and this is where we stand.

    We have spent a LOT of Time and Money and Effort with a LOT of other people in coordinating this event and are Truely Disappointed, but it was out of our hands. Be assured that we will have contracts drawn up for future pow wows that we are involved in coordinating.

    We will always continue our support for Veterans everywhere. The disappointment we feel right now in the cancellation of this event is for all our Vendors, Dancers, Support Staff and everyone we have personally contacted and invited to this event.

    Thank you all for the support given us
    We will see you at the next pow wow

    If you need any more information
    please contact Ken on his cell
    or Dave and Linda Reese.

    Everyone Please say a prayer for all our Veterans,

    In this time of great Need.

    Thank you again,
    Ken & Celeste
    Six Directions Traders

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