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  • really has a flat. i just wheel the wood from my woodpile up to the steps on my porch. then i slide the chunks along the wood rail so i dont have to carry them up the stairs. i pile the chunks of wood next to the front door. that way i have wood nearby. with my injuries this kind of stuff just creates more pain. but i sure need the exercise, im so over weight right now! i put up a newer pix so people who meet me in person arent so startled when they see me! *laughing* honesty is the best policy....either a person likes me for being me, or they dont. if they dont like my looks then pooh to them!! *laughing*

    "Life is too short to not take the time to laugh” ~AME~
    "Who can afford NOT to laugh at themselves?" ~AME~
    "I laugh the most when i laugh at myself!” ~AME~
    "Laughter is'nt really "the best medicine"’s the CURE!” ~AME~
    "Give me a good laugh,... and i will give you my world!” ~AME~


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