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  • Yah I think its all gone ,thank goodness, I dont like seeing my lil men feal soo awefull, and it was hard on me while being sick knowing if i feal this horrible ,so do they .. My 9 yr old told a lil friend of his let him eat a star crunch for dinner lol "he had a lil more than that lol" He got sick first so he was teh first to start fealing better, and was a lil hungry he came into my room and askd if he could eat it? started to say no but juss took some meds and figured once they kick in i can get up and make food, well all I could think of was hummm star crunch has carmel in it = milk and has cereal in it yah it must be a lil good for you! so yes son enjoy your star crunch lol.. wich isnt like me at all, they have to have healthy food before the jink but at that moment I really diddnt care lol.. im a horrible mom aint i lol
    I got a fevah! And the only cure is more cowbell!!!

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