Hi Ann, yey we made it one moe work week ,im happy no complants. i listen to npr during my driveing day that is aired on the UT of texas radio mades my day go by faster its still long tho then i come home around dark and jump on powwows for a few then dinner and go get jessie shower and finninly tv then sleep,then back at everthing aroung 5 in the morning that what my week is like most days ,this weekend my mom wants me and her to go to my dads grave in larkhart not in austin we going to do that becouse its his frist birthday in the sky ,then on sunday we have a big thing happing where the juinor leage rent out a huge space and thay all clean out the house bringing stuff and on the last day anyone can buy a big box for 5.00 and fill it up with anything you want lol it how i dresse my self and kids for winter,last year i got a few rose bushes too any way we might even get 20.00 of boxes and spread the wealth ,the line is long and ppl rush a little but it alway seems to be anfuu for everone.im glad your doing well to and hope for your weekly happness.