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  • ROFLMAO--that is too funny. Yeah, it is me. I don't do all that --I smudge, I dance and I listen to music--and the rest applies.LMAO
    Yeah, I've had alot going on here too so I do understand what you are saying. Yeah, no problem I'll give you all the info. The Dance is going awesome really. I already see a difference in my tummy and that and I had lost some weight and when I went to my Uncles, I gained two pounds both times, Well I lost the first set of 2lbs, not the rest.LOL But it's going really really good.
    I head out the first weekend in Dec again. I have't heard back from my friend, but he called your friend that day, or was going to, so I donn't know what happened there.
    If I don't hear from him soon, he might just be the one I smack.j/k LOL Nah, he's busy with his g/f, son's and grandbaby--so I understand. But he's a really nice guy too.
    Have a good one, thanx for stopping by and I'll talk to you soon.

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