Yanno that's one thing I didn't think of. Pictures. LOL I was gonna ask someone to take some, so you never know. Oh it's December 5th. 130pm. I got to see my grandmothers at the tribal thanksgiving dinner last nite, so I told both of them and my aunties. My auntie Juanita said she was going to be there to watch me jump the broom stick. I told her aye, you mean the pool stick. LOL And I finally introduced him to my mother, who was also there. So she knows now.

My sister Nona said she wants to help plan the reception. She wants to do a dinner. I was thinking brisket and baked chicken, corn soup, frybread. But I need some different sides! LOL I'm still thinking. Good thing I'm getting a bonus on Wednesday.

What else is going down in Texas?