Boozhoo, you go into forums click on the Polls, Contests etc. You will then see many threads, but go to the ones that are on round 2 in humor. Then when you get in you will see many video Icons, you can click on them to watch them, while you are watching them you will see who's profile uploaded them and my profile name LisaMOOSE07 will appear, you don't have to watch the whole video, just click out. But please remember if they aren't my video you will need to make sure the little box is not checked. Only check LisaMOOSE'S...LOL You can vote on all my videos, not just one. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but really its not, just a lot of little I would so so appreciate it and hope you enjoy my videos as I have many to watch, dancing, singing, and even some funny clown dancing and switch dancers. Those are the videos that are up for voting is the humor. I don't really have any in the everything else, just one of my niece learing to walk to powwow music. MANY MANY MIIGWECHES