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  • Hello Tvskekee, I read your article on today and wanted to add my gratitude for your work. I wanted to ask your permission to post your article on my blog on Thanksgiving day. I don't have more than 5 or 6 folks who even read the blog, family member mostly. But still, would be honored if I could post yours with my own thoughts added before and after.

    I have been doing family geneology for a year or so, and hit a huge brick wall when i get to my gr gr gr grandmother cynthia davis. She was Quapaw Indian, and that is much as I know. I have written about that also on my blog, and want to research more, but so hard when there are no records.

    Anyway, if you don't contact me before Thanksgiving I may put it up and if you don't want me to I will take it down. But if you are able to open this link? I have no idea, since it is in draft form right now and on my private blog space. But it is very long, so long no one will want to read it., oh well.. such is life.

    sorry my "message" is so long, I do go on at times.



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