hello, I registered this evening to ask a few questions about the powwow I attended back in November in Caldwell Idaho. It was the 6th annual Red River Powwow. It was an amazing first time expierence for me and I look forward to seeing others in the future. I am currently writing a report on my expierence for my sociology class and would like to know some info to help me with the report. I have searched the web to find why its given the name "Red River", is their a name for individual Powwow's, if so why? I have also read Powwows are a tradition in bringing families and tribes together. For the Red River Powwow what tibes are gathering together?

I appreciate your help in answering my questions and if you have any other information that could help me with my report or have any web links that could direct me with other information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you again