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  • Hi ! Thank you for your understanding.
    My parents(relatives) were not rich and when I was young, we never went out and we never went on holiday. We had no car, all that I had seen of the world was in 25 km around me.In other words that it was difficult to have a little of my culture. When I was 10 I was given a book talking about native cultures and history.
    I know that native culture filled a cultural space to me but When you are has child you don't know you are doing something wrong. Later I left from my home to study and I discovered my own culture (I am also interested in classic cars and steam locomotives) while keeping an interest for yours because you represented a part of my childhood. I met lots of plastic shamans and they hurted me. So I wanted to have realistic information about your people, not to spoil.
    To ask questions does not mean that we want to appropriate a culture. If I tell you how we live in Alsace, will be you alsatian?

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