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  • hey how are you Its nice to meet you?I dont get many friend requests on here I am more of an observer meaning I sit back and watch whats going on and if someone wants to send me a Friend request cool if not also cool.I dont beleive in pressuring someone to write to me becasue that will scare alot of people away that may want to talk to me but dont know how to approach me.My Dad and I just went to a Pow-wow in Springfield Ohio at George Rodger Clark Park it was awesome just as cool as the ones I went to in Memphis Tn Before moving back here to Ohio to be close to my grandma whos failing health keeps her housebound.I have been to over a dozen pow-wows cant say how many for sure but alot since I was 11 but I always loved Native people and culture since I was maybe 5 years old now 36 years old.Anytime youd like to chat hit me back and if you have any questions youd like to ask ask away and I will answer to the best of my ability or Knowledge.

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