Sorry that I did not respond sooner. I had numerous delays in my life and changes to the better. Now that I am healthy once more I can visit the site again!! Yes I have quills, lots of them in fact. I do not sort any quills out so the whole porky is what you end up getting , yes even the guard hair is in there as I think you should get what the porky gives, not presorted or missing.
In fact I just plucked a lot off of one porky today as the poor critter was cut in half by a big rigs tires. I do the ceremonies, no worries. I use lots of tobacco each year for the gifts of the road and never hog the plants. Okay so send me a message with your mail addy and what I need to know. Since you need lots I can give you the whole porky that I got as I still have another tote being filled as we speak. The most of my quills now end up in a museum for repairing old art work and the person responsible has been seeking my quills now for a lot of years as well.