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  • I am still unable to post new threads, so therefore I haven't posted an intro. I am a homeschooling mama to five biracial children (black/white due to marriage~would love another!), and I live in the inner city. I do have questions I'd love to ask, but I do not wish to step on any toes! And I am honestly very happy to just reply for the time being....

    Our style of learning is Charlotte Mason~lots of literature, no text books. Artist and composer studies, first hand, interesting accounts rather than dry facts. I would be so honored to know who your favorite Native artists are? Authors? History books? Resources and ideas to teach my children that would honor your traditions? It seems like history books these days are always slanted too far in some direction~ACK! So thank you for your consideration in answering these. I appreciate it very much!
    "More people fail from a lack of encouragement than anything else!" ~Mrs. James Hendry

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