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  • I'd like to help but I've got a full plate on my end, I'm an engineer and work a lot. Also I'm a grass dancer so you may want to find or wait for someone to respond to your thread who is a pro and knows all the videos on Northern Traditional. You can look through AmingoK's videos on YouTube to see if you can find ones that show the foot work, the channel is here: . Now keep in mind that you never fully want to copy step by step the moves of any one dancer, you need to make it your own. The only thing I can say in a few short words here on there steps is that it's based on 2 steps per foot... as in you are alternating left foot (L) and right foot (R) every two beats. So it looks like LL-RR-LL-RR-LL-RR-LL-RR... and so forth and so forth, with additional steps and moves tossed in per song, like for sneak ups and double beats.
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