this is a post for all to read it is about mo and native child abuse and wrong doing's that still go on in missouri i will start with 1967 i was taken away from my mother over last name so was my 1 brother name billy e billy e was returned home to mom mom was a widow and i was kept by the state in total captivity for ten years cause the native blood showed strong in me and during that ten years i was faced by 4 failed attemps to kill me as a child and i witness the death of on native child whom i know only by his given name of jerry he was killed in spring 1973 and i was told i was next 1 attempt to kill me with vitamons 2 fail strangleings 1 failed hanging at age 8 all this was sanchion by state cause place was state funded plus i think may have had some envolvement cause i witness a helocopter land in ballfeild at the good sameriton boy's ranch with fresh produce and this was in 1973