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  • Hi Ya docat,
    Thank you for your reply back and sorry to hear about your ankle, Yikes! I hate when that happened to me, no fun at all!. Also Thanks' for clarifing that it wasn't you that I seen at the September Pow Wow events as I remembered your look alike who sat very close to me at the PW and we had spoke / said hello to each other and that by coincidence you contacted me here at and the uncanny aspect of this is the fact that I do not have a profile photo of myself as of yet to be viewed or recognized by. I have never been one to take for granted such occurances in my life and that they happen for a good reason beyond us. Oh well.... on the lighter side of things' LOL , do you know how to place someone on the buddy list? I have been having trouble trying to list you on mine and no matter what I do I cannot get it to work?
    Thank you for being my friend also, and allowing me to ramble on!

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