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  • I am still thinking you sat next to one of my daughters. Two live in Elgin, IL and they go to events like that. We are often confused for each other until you get a closer look. I'm the one with gray hairs (which I conveniently pluck out or dye) and the crow's feet.

    To make me a friend, I think you go to my page and where it shows my friends, there is a click on sentence that says, "Befriend docat"

    I tell you, I am a believer in following instincts, and as you can see on my page, I don't ask a lot of folks on my friends list. I felt compelled to do so. It was meant to be, and I am willing to bet that you actually sat next to one of my girls.

    Ankle was better today. I have two elderly aunts that retired to FL and I moved to the same area. I had to take one of them to the doctor, so I toughed it out and did it.

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