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  • Hi there! I have been off the computer for awhile. I've been really busy. I home school the last child at home and she is going through physics and pre-calculus and is struggling. I was a math/science teacher, so I think these subjects are fun, but I get the universal symbol of the eye roll when I say that.

    I have a daughter in Elgin that lives near the Dundee city line, so she is very north. The other is in Chicago proper now, but did live in Elgin. They look just like me but younger. I'm in my 50s and those two are in their late 20s/eldest, early 30. They are both in college. The eldest studies to be a doctor. The other a teacher. Wow, what a small small world. But they did not grow up there. Just more opportunities near Chi-town.

    Oh, I thought I would also tell you how to pronounce Docat. It is like the legal term "docket." Sounds exactly the same. So if you see one of my girls, you will know how to pronounce it.

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