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  • Hi Ya Docat,
    Sorry that I could not get a response message back to you weeks ago, I was having trouble with sending you a message and as it appears that you were not on my friends list anymore so I had to reconnect with you to add you onto my friends list once again. I now see that you are on once again back on my friends list. Anyways..... it has been a real roller coaster ride with the weather here in the Elgin area, unseasonable temps that have been up and down, they are predicting that by the middle of next week we are to be into the mid to upper 40's ???. This afternoon / today we've had a mix of light snow and drizzle with hardly anything sticking on the ground. We have had real screwy weather this past year from one extreme to another YIKES !, I really don't know what to make of it all. I can't wait for the warmer months to finally arrive and get into my gardening and biking as well as outdoor Pow Wows. Take care and TTYL

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