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  • Hi Ya Docat,
    Sorry that I could not get a response message back to you weeks ago,I was having trouble with sending you a message as it appears that you were not on my friends list anymore so I had to reconnect with you & add you onto my friends list once again. I see that you are once again back on my friends list.And by the way I read your comment on the thread "question for white people" that thread had a few comments that are fuel for thought that is giving me a different perspective on that topic and something to think about as for instance,what is the fasination that everyone(Non NA's)has with wolfs and the association with us?I could never figure that one out myself? And Yes there is good and bad in all peoples no matter their background/heritage. Since my childhood I was taught by my mother as well as from my own personal lifes experiance's is to keep it to myself when it comes to Non NDN's/NA's. Oh well sorry for rambling on, Have great day! Take Care and TTYL

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