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  • Hi again. I have been ultra busy, so I have been offline. Oh yeah, I created a huge controversy, but I don't care. I have nothing against white people or wannabes or anyone who celebrates our nations. I didn't grow up on a rez, so perhaps that's the reason why I look at things differently. We are all children of the Great Spirit, no matter the name people want to use for the Creator. It really blew me away when my daughter told me that we are ALL related, not one of us doesn't share some common ancestry. I understand what you mean about not making a big deal about it to people who don't know you well. I am so dark and NDN featured that it doesn't take a big guess, although in high school when I was at a football game, I wanted to impress a guy from another town, and I told him I was Hawaiian. LOL My friends to tease me got me a grass skirt. Haha

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