Hi Baretta Shawnee!

Haven't been by in awhile, so I thought I'd stop in. I was thinking of that trolley museum and it isn't far from where we got our dog. We got our dog from Anderson Animal Shelter. He was a quivering mass of skin and bones when we got him, but today is is old and FAT and hasn't quivered since we brought him hom. He's old but still a really good companion. At the shelter, they named him "Sanchez." He's a rat terrier/chihuahua mix. He's big for a chihuahua but he has the facial features of one. Anyway, our next door neighbor's last name was SANCHEZ. There was NO way I was going to call that dog Sanchez. I could just hear one of my girls saying, "You wanna go out and pee Sanchez?" I don't think it would go over well.

Anyway, we named him Puppy...temporarily and no other name stuck...so he's Puppy. It's funny because people he doesn't even know, know his name..."Oh look at the cute puppy!" LOL

Hope you have a great weekend!