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  • No, I didn't live in Elgin. My oldest daughter moved there and commuted to college and at that time I was teaching in Sycamore (near DeKalb) because I missed her too much and wanted to live nearby. We had lived in central IL. It was in visiting her that my daughter told me about Anderson and we went there and they allowed us to adopt or little dog. He was old then, this was 7 years ago and he was guessed to be about 7, so he's pretty old now. I would love to see you next time we go up there. I have one daughter now there and another in Chicago. I do remember seeing the Trolley museum, but it looked like it was grown in weeds. In Elgin across the street from the WalMart was a skating rink. The statues of mushrooms and elves and such scared my littlest. She thought they were so creepy. It was closed, but it was running down too. Probably needed to tear it down. Yeah, my daughter told me she has a cold from all the weather changes.

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