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  • Hi Ya Docat,
    I wanted to say that I really liked your responses back at and to Mr. reocurringdream / Asian doctor? on the topic of the green coffee tea herbal extract yadda yadda what ever it is miracle crap You nailed him good & exposed him for the fraud that he is Thank You! he was trying so hard to wiggle out of it I found it to be very entertaining.I will be volunteering tomorrow to help setup for the "Idle No More" event this Saturday at the Trickster Gallery inwhich I am looking forward too. You mentioned Sycamore I know that town and one of my favorite places there is the Bakery on the south side of the street,they have the greatest cinnimon roll bread anywhere. I usually buy 2 at a time. Once or twice a year I ride the Great Western Bike path from my house to Sycamore then take the streets out to Glidden Rd.for a break and something to eat before returning back home.Round trip is approx 70 miles & usually in autumn I visit Blaine's farm and fleet for winter outerwear. TTYL

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