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  • Hi!!! Oh yes, the reoccuring dreamer. LOL I had WAY too much fun with that. I really did hold back and just let him hang himself. He came into the beading section where I usually hang out, and he set himself up as a fashion designer, I think he thought we would be impressed by that but we're not into fashion. Well then he shows up with this thread and calls himself an Asian physician, and I'm like, this guy hasn't done his troll research well because he had already set himself up as a fashion designer. And the men yesterday or the day before were really jazzing him about Dr. Oz.

    Have fun tomorrow at the set up! I want to see that gallery some time. My daughters have been there.

    Traveling to the Seminole Rez tomorrow night to spend the night there before picking up my aunts from their cruise. They get in at 7am Sat. and there is no way I can drive through everglade fog 4 hours to get there. It will work out better to spend the night.

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