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  • How did the set up and the event at the gallery go? Hey, I'm happy to help in any way I can with your beading. What sort of beading are you getting ready to do?

    I meant to mention and forgot, that I didn't know the bakery in Sycamore, but I did buy a lot of stuff from Blaine's Farm and Fleet. Also, not far from that on the same side of the road is a Salvation Army in which my girls and I did a lot of shopping for materials for jewelry. We'd buy old baubles and such and restring them into their own creations. It was fun. For some reason this particular location ended up with a lot of jewelry.

    Ended up getting the aunts back in one piece yesterday. They had a really good time and they were on their best behavior coming home. It was a good idea to drive to Clewiston the day before. It helped.

    I can't wait to find out your upcoming beading project.

    Let me know what you are working on beadwise.

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