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  • HiYa Docat,
    The Idle No More event opening turn out was OK although we were expecting alot more than what showed up, we thought it may have been because of the snow we received overnight but it was only approx. 4" no big deal but who knows why?. I met alot of people and the food was good, But No Frybread, damn it! LOL. Anyways, this beading project is based on the Shawnee Tribe Flag as seen on my Avatar/ Icon. I've been looking all over for the right colors but could only find them in 11/0 Czech seed beads, I would have used 10/0 or 5/0 but because of intricacy of the pattern I believe the 11/0 beads would look better. One problem I have is that I don't know how to layout or make the pattern to follow when stringing. and what actually be the correct thread to use. When done I will be lazy sticthing it to dear skin leather strapping with belt loop on one end and fringe on the other end with 5MM or 10MM beadsand hair pipes or stiched onto my leather fanny pack?

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