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  • Oh, my hubby passed long ago. My little one who is almost 18 was only 2, so we are going on 16 years without him. I am pretty happy on my own. I got used to it and I'm not lonely or anything. It seems so long ago now. He was a diabetic, the same type (type 1) as my teenager. I really worry about her. But I have hopes that her life will be longer. My husband didn't have all the new stuff they have today. He had gotten a meter just before he passed, so all those years of poor control wore his body out. He had a stroke and then while recovering, he had a heart attack. He was a pretty good guy. Addicted to gambling, so not perfect, but he had me hold the money, and so the old ball and chain dictated where the money went. LOL He was a wonderful man.

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