You know, when he first died, I made some bad decisions. Folks like to prey upon new widows, and that happened to me some. I was used to having that protection, I think. But wised up and picked up the pieces and just went on. I was looking the other day about the life expectancies of Native peoples and it is pretty bad. Heck, I have outlived the average already! I hope those were old numbers because today, if we don't kill ourselves with other stuff, we should be able to live just as long as anybody else... I don't even have any grandchildren yet! My oldest is married, but she is in medical school and wants to wait...which makes sense.

Oh well, I am working on a tutorial for weaving beads on the bias. I am putting it in an old thread to see how it looks before putting it in the tutorial section. It is going slow. It wouldn't accept one PDF file and now I have to rework the whole thing. Oh well, back to the drawing board!